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3.6Equilibrio vida personal/laboral

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El ambiente es muy agradable

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Es una empresa muy confortable respetan tu hora de salida buen sueldo cuidan. Mucho de tu persona en salud y en riesgo de trabajo si sabes seguir las reglas tal como la indican será un buen ambiente laboral para ti como para los demás
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Apadrinados para crecer y políticas mal administradas

Solo quienes ocupan cargos de directores tienen privilegios de quitar y poner a alguien solo porque les cae mal o poner si les cae bien o son compadresPolíticas de ética mal administradas sin investigar y sin entender la situación y sancionar a todos los involucrados




Mala administración de RH
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Exciting place to work, co workers are awesome

Love my job. Customers are fun to talk to for the most part. Good pay and great benefits, has it flaws as any job does but overall great place to make a career
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Good and bad

Good money long hours old equipment good co workers good place to learn the business no micro managing overall good company to start with but will get tired of management lies lol
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Una de las mejores empresas de México

Excelentes salarios buen ambiente de trabajo lo mejor de lo mejor lo tiene cemex


Los mejores cursos de seguridad


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Supervisores muy buenos

Tu supervisor es muy bueno, al principio te explican sobre la empresa para entender el negocio,


Te explican con paciencia las actividades a realizar


no hay un seguimiento constante de tu capacitación
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La posición a la que pertenecía estaba olvidada

Agradezco la oportunidad que me brindaron, pero desafortunadamente estábamos olvidados además de ser complicado y riesgoso ya que utilizabamos nuestro coche personal para trabajar
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1 star

What is the best part of working at the company?Very OLD and not EVER up kept, machinery is 1960s and falling apart dailey. Safety is only talked about. Employees are NOT happy at all and the work environment is extremely harsh and toxic to your lungs and eyes with extreme dust issues. Absolutely no upgrades to facility including bathrooms, lunch area or anything. Employees are always told things are in the plans for upgrades but its just talk. Workers vehicles are Trashed and only a few to use. Plant is a complete wreck and very dangerous. They don’t supply anything other than basic cheap PPE. Met some Great coworkers that we’re Very angry about the managers and work assignments. Management spoke to the crew as if they we’re just stupid. HR always having to hire new employees on a weekly basis.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?EVERYTHING there is a heavy stressful part, very miserable place to be let alone work What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Poor to say the least, no culture what so ever. Just management shoveling heavy daily workloads down your throat with very short times to get it done in mostly because things break down every other hourWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?8 hour day, but with a lot of mandatory OT in an Extremely dirty environment
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Overall great place to work Love working for Rafael and working with all the guys.

The only reason I left was because of not spending enough time with my family. Not helping around the house like I use to. if I was single it would be the perfect job for me.
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Inadequate Management

Cemex has a lot of growth to do in regards to proper training, how employees are treated, especially contractors. In need of Managers with experience from other companies to be well rounded and fair in their management role. Focus is not on their department and employees success but on headquarters in Texas. No communication.
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5 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?Safety firstWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?practically Nothing
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Crecimiento laboral

Sí la recomiendo desarrollo laboral buena empresa
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Great company but management only care about one thing

Cemex is a great company overall. The job is extremely easy to do. easy money. Long hours and no set start time but easy job. What is not good is the management team. I was let go because i refused to drive a truck that was unsafe to drive. I feel that at another location things would have been different but at the berth its a young supervisor which everyone just runs over. I was one of the workers that would've worked any time any day. He waited 4 days before calling me to say the team decision was to let me go i wasn't a good fit just from refusing to drive an unsafe truck. Go to any location but that location.
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Not the best place

Mangers don’t help,to much favouritism for certain employees very high standards when it suits them ,you must obey health and safety till it suits them for you to break it lead drivers that is.
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Great place to work

Great place to work. More than fair pay and great benefits. Work life balance could be a little better but there are trade offs. Safety is definitely important and is taken seriously.
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One of the best concrete companies I’ve worked for

If you have the right attitude to learn something new and learn from your coworkers who have experience and have been there long before you. All you need is to do your best
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Empresa mexicana de gran nivel

Un gran lugar para trabajar, con excelentes prestaciones y compañerismo. Dependiendo el área puedes estar sujeto a mayor nivel de estrés y trabajo bajo presión. Se preocupan por su gente y su capacitación constante.
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Work all day and night.Dispatch and management Doesn't care about you going home at a decent time.Just want to work you and travel you all over the place .No life


Great coworkers


Not a career can't advance
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Exigente en varios aspectos

Fue grata pero con mucho desarrollo de preguntarle a presentar otra ves exámen pero es buena empresa y profesional


Seguro médico privado


No hay mucho tiempo para descansar
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Excellent place to work great benefits

When I used to work on CEMEX I began as Jr. Project Manager they gave me all tools needed to achieve the goals. Managers always supported me and taked the time to approacho you as mentoring.The hardest part were workshifts, I dind´t have any person to replace my duties so I often have to do some homeworking.The most enyojable part was team work with almost all the departments. And the wages are far beyond than expected. I whis to have another oportunity overseas with them.
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You're just a number or even worse than that.

Horrible company, I currently work there and I just had a friend fire because he had two family members die there with in a month. The manger could care less about you or your problems no matter who big or small they may be.
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